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We know that day to day life can sometimes feel like a juggling act. We can neglect to take the most proactive or preventative approach to our health and wellbeing even when we know the investment is well worth the rewards.

So we got to thinking, how amazing would it be if we not only continued to build a team of wellbeing practitioners that could ‘rescue’ us in times of urgent need - chronic pain, injuries, discomfort, skin inflammations and irritations. But who could also support us easily and conveniently in achieving our optimal health and wellbeing at times we already engage with the resort.

Introducing the latest in Health & Wellbeing at Foxhills healthspa:

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Be yourself

Foxhills is a family-friendly club designed around its members, whether they belong for a day, a weekend, or for good.

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Treat yourself

View our Elemis inspired treats, or download our Treats brochure for full details.

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Find yourself

Foxhills Healthspa

Surrey, KT16 0EL.

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