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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Meditation to Sports Injury Rehabilitation

If your back aches, your neck’s tight, and you’re not sleeping, your energy is zapped and your concentration struggles to spark then you may benefit from spending a little time with one of our complementary and alternative practitioners.

Foxhills healthspa are delighted to offer a wide range of complementary and alternative therapies, all of which are available to book through our wellbeing concierge. Please call 01932 704555 or use our other contact details here.

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75 minutes | £55

Originally developed in Japan in the early 20th Century, Reiki is an extremely gentle but remarkably powerful form of healing. During a session, you’ll sit or lie down fully clothed in a peaceful environment, while the practitioner places their hands on or over the various ‘chakras’ of the body. The energy transferred in a Reiki session can be felt in many different ways, and can have a number of profound benefits – both physical, emotional and psychological.

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Sports Massage Therapy & Rehabilitation

90 minutes | £90
60 minutes | £60
45 minutes | £50
30 minutes | £40
20 minutes | £30

A detailed examination, assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries, ranging from postural analysis and body alignment to ligament and muscle testing. Practitioners use a variety of techniques such as strapping, trigger-point and deep connective-tissue massage, muscle stretching and energy work, joint mobilisations, electrotherapy, ultrasound and the use of exercise therapy to restore range of movement, strength, co-ordination and balance.

BOOK NOW on 01932 704555


45 minutes | £49

A deep relaxing treatment to help balance mind, body & spirit, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. This ancient therapy incorporates pressure-point massage to the hands and feet, which once stimulated re-balance corresponding body parts and organs enabling them to function efficiently.

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