The Rasul

Thermal Area

Visit our Thermal Area and enjoy one or more of our three thermal experiences.


The Rasul is an ancient Arabian treatment using amino acid and mineral-rich clays and muds sourced from Israel and the Dead Sea.

As you walk into the room your therapist will lay out 5 little bowls, each with a different mud. She will guide you as to where the muds can be placed. Each of the muds has a different property; some have the ability to draw out toxins from the system, others create heat and are very warming and relaxing for the muscular areas of the body such as the back and thighs.

The Rasul is best experienced as a couple’s treatment. This goes back to our belief that your wellbeing is enhanced by socialising and sharing. However if you wish to use the Rasul alone, the therapist can help you to apply the mud to those hard to reach areas.

You are then shown into the Rasul chamber where you sit in two wonderful mosaic thrones beneath a ‘twinkling sky’. The hot and humid environment opens the pores in the skin and increases the circulation. So the steam works with the mud to draw out the impurities from your body. After 20 minutes, the shower automatically turns on over your head, drenching you and cleaning off the mud.

There is a hand shower at each throne so you clean in-between your toes and then you can go into a separate shower chamber and wash with shower gel and shampoo to completely remove all traces of the mud. This treatment lasts for 45 minutes and leaves the skin feeling taut and detoxified.


Opposite the Rasul is the Hammam. The Hammam is the equivalent of the Turkish bath. For centuries it is how Turkish men and women have started their bathing ritual. In the Hammam there is a traditional granite plinth that is heated, (as is the tiled floor).

Your therapist will work a salt scrub into your body, exfoliating the skin. They will then wash you using alternating hot and cold water. This process stimulates both the circulation and the lymphatic systems.

The circulation is one of the most important systems in our bodies. The better the circulation, the more able the oxygen and the nutrients are carried around the blood stream into the vital organs and the toxins and waste products are removed. Exercise is one way of achieving this and invigorating therapies, like the Hammam, is another.

The Hammam finishes with an invigorating moisturising massage leaving the skin prepared for any other treatment. The complete Hamman experience is cleansing for both mind and body.

The Ice Fountain

And finally, in the thermal area, is the ice fountain. Some of us may believe that our climate offers ample opportunity to "close your pores". However if you are brave you may consider taking a few handfuls of ice from our elegant fountain... to "bathe" yourself.

Or you may just prefer to sneak through to the Pool instead!

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