The Spa Garden

The Spa Garden

Welcome to our Spa Garden (a note from Marc Hayton).

"I’d like to tell you how this was all well-planned. But the truth is, this wonderful space, was borne out of a mistake. Faced with plans that showed a poolside sauna and steam room that would have been very cosy we decided to put the sauna outside. And to stop it looking like a shed, we added a few other attractions.

So depending on how you look at it we either have the most beautiful garden that complements the ethos of the healthspa or the world’s most expensive sauna.

In front of you is one of England’s first Natural Swimming Pools. This natural swimming pool purifies the water using plants and minerals and is absolutely chemical-free. Please do not walk on the shingle in the filter area. It is 1.2m the same as the indoor pool and most importantly, unheated. Similar to the Ice Fountain in the treatment area, the natural pool stimulates your circulation, energises your spirit and brings your body temperature down all in one go, as you imagine it would.

The iroko decking leads to the hot tub, Hydrotherapy strengthens blood circulation, decreases blood pressure and relaxes muscles. It’s also fun. Who can resist bubbles. The wooden chairs are Italian Cruiser chairs from the 30’s.

Our authentic sauna imported from Finland continues your thermal experience and is recommended for 15 mins.

There is a café area to your right, although in time you’ll be able to enjoy food & drinks anywhere in the garden.

As well as relaxing on the lawn, we hope members will try a wellbeing class such as tai chi. Around the lawn, sat on Indian sandstone, are seven bays providing members a little privacy and a wonderful view. The planting in front of each one is distinct. Different colours and different scents.

The entire 11,000 square foot space is protected by a mature yew hedge. Like the planting, this will grow and knit together creating an even more tranquil area.

The outdoor shower, the day beds and hammocks, a wooden house for our gas meter and a 1926 phone box whose phone has just two buttons : spa + bar.

We couldn’t have completed this project without the help and talent of our friends at the multi award-winning landscape firm, Landform; designer and Hampton Court & Chelsea Flower Show judge, Andrew Wilson Associates and gartenART Natural Swimming Pools.

Please wipe your feet before re-entering the indoor pool."

Now why not take a peek at the Treatment Rooms or head back to the Foyer.

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