The Relaxation Room

The Relaxation Room

This cosy space has views over the woodland and six wonderfully designed Le Corbusier chaise longues in ivory. These mirror the natural curves of our body and when it was launched in 1928 it was dubbed, appropriately, ‘the relaxing machine’.

You can ponder over a magazine or paper, pour an organic herb tea... or mineral water purified with Himalayan Rock Salt.

From the relaxation room you walk through the door into the Thermal Area with its three experiences, two heated and one cold.

Woman relaxing in a chair

Lose yourself

Our wonderful Day Trips and Breaks include access to the 400 acre grounds & facilities of Foxhills Members club.

Group of women on a beach

Be yourself

Foxhills is a family-friendly club designed around its members, whether they belong for a day, a weekend, or for good.

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