The Pool

The Pool Room

The first thing you will notice in the pool is the amount of light flooding in from windows and the sky light above. The pool itself is 20 metres by 8 metres. The deep blue tiling in the pool creates a cool lagoon-like atmosphere.

Arcing across the ceiling of the pool are wonderful wooden beams. The pillars have lighting at their base which add a rich warm glow... and of course you can enrich the atmosphere further by selecting music from the poolside console.

At the end of the pool is a wonderful mural of a 1950’s lido, showing healthy men and women enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. It’s whimsical and a little eccentric. So often, spas are professionally run and elegant... but just too earnest. We believe an important part of wellbeing is to lift your spirit; with wit as well as comfort and attention.

At one end of the pool is a snug where you can relax in your robe, read a magazine or take a drink or light snack. Or you can take a lounger further down the pool and enjoy the views over the Spa Garden.


As you enter the hydrospa look for the jets that will massage your back and calves.

Steam Room

Behind the hydropool is the steam room. A twinkly sky on the ceiling and an infusion of lavender, eucalyptus or mint just adds a bit of character.

Take a look at the state-of-the-art Fitness Arena after your refreshing dip.

Couple in deck chairs

Indulge yourself

Call 01932 704555 or email us to book a spa experience or treatment.

Woman relaxing in a chair

Lose yourself

Our wonderful Day Trips and Breaks include access to the 400 acre grounds & facilities of Foxhills Members club.

Group of women on a beach

Be yourself

Foxhills is a family-friendly club designed around its members, whether they belong for a day, a weekend, or for good.

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